Friday, June 12, 2015


We took the bus to the ferry so we could go to Venice. We saw a glass blower make a flower vase and a horse. They were beautiful. Then we had a walking tour of Venice with a local guide. That was great because we learned so much. It was a very hot day but we all made it though. Our wonderful tour guide Bea is so amazing!  The gondolas were incredible to be on and a lot of fun.  We got to see the old jail, and it was fun to see and explore on our free time thanks to Bea, our tour guide.  Some of us went swimming in the Adriatic Sea. That is all I know for now from Italy. 

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  1. You girls remind me of the saying..."Beautiful girls in a beautiful city!" You all look so HAPPY! Some of the places you've been to, I was at in 2013 and it brings back some awesome memories, that's for sure. Continue to be safe, be sensible, and keep having fun! Dianne Gierman,,,June 13, 2015