Sunday, June 21, 2015

Traveling to London

Today we mastered the London tubes with our luggage! They aren't much different than the metro in Paris, but all of the signs are in English. That's pretty helpful. Once arriving in London, we had a kick back relaxing afternoon. We checked into our hotel and are all roomed cozily in two rooms. After that, our evening consisted on one group going souvenir shopping with Mrs. Mayer and another group going off to find the Hard Rock Cafe with Jody and my mom. I was with the latter of the groups and I must say that it was fun. We walked the streets trying to find which one we had to be on and we got to hear many British accents. The Hard Rock was great too. Sitting down and listening to music while we ate, was a great way to start off our stay in the UK. We also went to the Hard Rock shop to get some nice souvenirs. More to come tomorrow!
                                   -Sierra Lake


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  1. Congrats to all of you for mastering the metro and the tubes. You are all much better at that than I was 2 years ago. Thank God back then for Heather, Andrea and Claudia!! Travel safe...Price County misses all of you!! :) Dianne Gierman June 22, 2015