Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Last Day of Our Amazing Trip

Today was an amazing day to end our trip around Europe! We started off with a good breakfast that would help us jump start our day. After breakfast, we discussed what everyone would like to do and we figured out the maps for the city and the metro to go where we needed to go. 
We split into two groups because we wanted to do different things. One group of us started off our day with a wonderful 3 hour biking tour around London. We got to see many famous & not so famous sights of the city which was very cool because we learned a lot about the city that many people wouldn't normally know. Many memories would made on that trip that's for sure! After that we had crepes at a little crepe cafe and they were super good! We then headed on our way to The London Bridge and The Tower of London. It was really neat to walk across the London Bridge and look across to see The Tower Bridge! 
At the Tower of London, we got a guided tour of all the buildings and learned a lot of interesting facts. We also got to see The Crown Jewels! Which by the way are very, very beautiful! 
We then made our way back to our hotel via The Tube one last time. We bought some snacks for dinner because we had such a big & tasty lunch. Some of us also went in to Kensington Park to enjoy the scenery and caught up on some reading.

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