Saturday, June 13, 2015

San Gimignano, Italy

Today we took a four hour bus ride to San Gimignano! This city is has several buildings that are still from the Middle Ages. When we got there, Bea, our tour guide, took us into the center of the center of the city. After that we were allowed to just venture around that city.    
We were also told that this city has the best gelato in all the world so we decided we had to try our this gelato! It was so amazing!  
Anyway, this city had many little shops to buy great souvenirs for friends and family.  I think we can all say it is a gorgeous city and we had a wonderful time. 
After that, we took a three hour bus ride to our hotel on Rome and had a wonderful dinner. Today is Mac's (one of the kids from another group) birthday so got to have this really good cake for dessert! 
Overall we are having a fabulous time and we are all doing great! 

Mikenna Hartmann 

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