Wednesday, June 17, 2015


We spent today in Monaco and Nice. We went to see the royal palace of Prince Albert, son of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly.  We watched the changing of the Royal Guard at the palace. We had some free time after that, and some of us went to the church where Princess Grace Kelly is buried next to her husband, and some other Princes before them. We had a great view of the sea from the town above. We all had a great time and so did two seagulls that stole Sierra and Mrs. Mayer's sandwiches right out of their hands. They weren't too happy about that. We also had a quick tour of a perfume factory. It smelled nice, but was too strong for Emma and me. Once it was done we chilled out with Luigi on the bus. Some the others made some purchases. Next we went to the beach which was extremely rocky. We got our feet wet in the water. All we did was stand on the bank and let the waves hit us. Some of us walked around town and found flash drives so we could get some of Luigi's music. Others went to the Hard Rock Cafe to get free Wi-Fi.  I went for the AC and the restrooms. They played American music in the cafe. Now we're going to get a good night's rest so we can catch the train to Paris tomorrow. That's all for now from Nice, France. We all are doing great!

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