Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 9- Pisa

Today we did a lot of driving but took a break in the morning to go to Pisa. Most people associate Pisa with the leaning tower, and even though that was awesome to see, it is not the only attraction. Pisa is actually a town surrounded by walls. Right when you walk into the town you see a huge church and baptistery. Back in the day, a person had to be baptized to enter the church, which is why the baptistery is conviently right across the street from the church. We were able to go into the baptistery and hear a brief demonstration of how well the inside of the building echoes. Then, we went next door to the church to look around. The church was very beautiful inside, with high ceilings and realistic paintings. After the church, the group went to take a photo with the leaning tower (it's not as heavy as it looks!) and get gelato. After doing some shopping, we met up with the rest of
our group and headed back to the bus for a long bus ride to Nice. On the bus ride we saw some beautiful views of the mountains and Mediterranean Sea. Hopefully we will get some time on the beach tonight... And not get stung by any jellyfish!!!!

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